About us


SuiteBeach is a b&b and resort where you do not just sleep ... but stay with the gentle background of the sea waves. The structure is located in Contrada Berbaro, south coast adjacent to lido Signorino. The villa borders the most beautiful and fascinating beach of the Trapani coast and enjoys a spectacular sunset on the Egadi islands and in particular on Marettimo. The beach is made of fine white sand, very clean and soft and the sea stretches out to sea with a pleasantly gradual and gradual slope in the context of limpid, fresh, sparkling, crystalline and scented sea water.

SuiteBeach  has 5 rooms that enjoy a modern and maximum "comfort" environment, characterized by an evocative marine panorama that can be appreciated by looking out from all the rooms and a large garden with lawn.

The flagship is listed in the services that the structure offers. In fact, it is a precise intention to offer first of all Hospitality with relative kindness and availability so that the Guest can obtain a positive, friendly and familiar response.

Ultimately, we are pleased to inform you that we, Valeria and Edoardo, are subjects that we have experience in the tourism and hospitality sector acquired through specific studies and experience in the sector with the intimate and conscientious program to offer maximum comfort and wellbeing for a stay that may have the characteristic of a singular and highly pleasant EXPERIENCE.